Snappy Snippets – Digital Retail Marketing Flashback Learnings

Remember the first time you played with a smart phone…or even better…discovered apps that let you down a virtual beer or play Pong with your colleague across the table? Well who would of thought these little games and tools would be the start of an entire new industry.

But like any new fandangle toy, there have been a few hits and misses…so what have we learned and where are we going?

1. It’s got to be practical

While tools like Foursquare’s ‘gamification’ and QR code virtual shopping are fun ideas, most have found the ROI has hardly been worth the investment. Of course there will always be room for fun ideas, but if you are a follower, we have quickly learnt it’s best not to assume your consumer is going to check-in 5 times a day to get that 5% discount on a coffee.

2. Start with good content

Once we get past the pressure of delivering across every social, mobile, tablet, iBeacon and virtual reality portal to tick the box, we are reminded that while new, these are just another set of channels. What’s important is the same as it’s always been, the brand message to woo the customer, get that right and you reduce the risk of wasting existing and future brand lovers time.

3. Invisible technology

Seamlessness, an oldie but an ongoing goodie, will continue to be the priority. Whether mobile, wearable or local area targeted…using technology to create seamless and data targeted consumer interactions that become almost invisible is where we are seeing the best returns. Using rich data to predict future purchases and get message cut through, regardless of channel.

4. Social shopping

While Facebook never quite got this right, reviews, video catwalks, virtual fitting rooms, C2C selling such as vlogging or services are seeing leaps forward and are re-defining not just government regulations, but how we use our mobile to connect with others in-store and shop via socially powered content.

5. Be the edit, but offer personalisation

Editorial shopping continues to grow strongly, with consumers overwhelmed by the endless options offered online by the one-stop-shop online portals. While there will always be browsers, there is growth for the desire of a strong edit, giving the option to get further involved with personalisation to make it their own vs. completely being left with an endless list of options.

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