Online going offline, what gives?

There’s a curious thing happening right now in the world of retail. Brands that previous only played in the online space have begun moving into physical stores. 

While the shoe isn’t totally on the other foot, some formerly digitally driven retailers are starting to put a toe in the water.

There appears to be a couple of reasons for this. Traditional retailers have upped the anti with their multi-channel strategies and are catching up. The other thing that’s happening is that many smart online shoppers want more of the ‘real’ experience – to feel, touch, smell, taste and ultimately buy ‘live’; then walk away with the product.

As retro style online eyeglass company Warby Parker now says on their website: “Our retail spaces combine the snappy ease of online ordering with the fun and serendipity of real-life shopping (with a photo booth or two). We can’t wait to meet you!”

So perhaps a digital-only shopping platform is being challenged as to whether it’s enough to ensure long-term success? Interesting times ahead for retailers, but good times galore for customers who can have the best of both worlds.


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