Are you ready for Mother’s Day?

When you start seeing a plethora of pink fluffy slippers, silver pendants, flowers and photo mugs…you know it’s Mother’s Day!

It’s the most welcomed retail event between Easter and Mid Year Clearances for the ‘spoil yourself’ categories and department store players. And worth nearly double that of Father’s Day at approximately $1.4billion (IBIS WORLD).
So if you’re yet to fully dial up your Mother’s Day comms plan, here’s a quick look at some work we love for 2016 and some quick fixes you can still implement before 8th May. Happy reading – and Happy Mother’s Day.

No surprises this retailer makes the most of Mother’s Day, but this year their approach has been even more special and right on trend with personalization! T2 has built fun displays to promote the idea of ‘design your own tea tin’ for mum. A perfect blend of thoughtfulness and a little luxury to say ‘thank you’.



BIG W knows their primary target market and has gone all out to show them they care. From a dedicated shopping area the size of a toy sale, to specialised gifts across all price ranges; plus promotions at front of store, there’s no guessing the importance this retailer places on the event. While BIG W continues to struggle in many respects, they’ve managed to make mum a real winner this year.



Bringing their usual fun and quirky style to communications, Peter Alexander stepped it up this year with a catalogue dedicated to real mums – including furry ones, presented by everyone’s favourite real-life suburban mum, Dame Edna. A campaign that celebrates women in a fun way with a strong message that’s confident and fresh.



While not purely a Mother’s Day promotion, their breast cancer donation drive is a well-timed charitable fundraiser that shows how ‘giving back’ can be tastefully managed even by a bread brand.



Dragging customers over the lease line is always challenging in the crowded and distracting environment of shopping centres. But this year for Mother’s Day Sunglass Hut that has done it well with a neat piece of technology and clever video content. The digital screens mounted at front of store display simple fun messages for Mums, held by models sporting the latest in cool sunnies.



While not pushing ‘destination mum’ like the retailers above, Lush, The Body Shop, and Myer (online) still caught our attention with bright coloured displays (not a pink balloon in sight), showing a sophisticated take on in-store signage, online promotions, offers and displays.




Been too focused on clearing seasonal stock or tight on budget? Here are 5 quick things you can still do before next week:

  1. Run a Facebook contest
    From photo submissions, to best mum nominations or even a simple sweepstake, Mother’s Day lends itself well to social media and a quick giveaway promotion
  1. Create a gift guide page
    Online shopping and gift cards continue to be on the most desirables list for mums (IBISWORLD), so an easy fix is sort through your stock and promote it via an easy shopping guide. One step better, promote your page with an eDM and secure the sale with free delivery!
  1. Setup a mum hashtag# on Twitter
    Most mums just want a heartfelt ‘thankyou’ for all their efforts, so whether it’s #Thankyoumum or tagging along on something already trending, hashtags are a fun way to get involved.
  1. Do good, feel good
    Being a mum is all about selflessness, so why not say thank you like Bakers Delight and let your customers know you will donate profits from selected goods to support women’s charities?
  1. Crafty videos
    Finally, tap into the most popular media of 2016, video, and create some simple craft/recipe/advice snippets to share online. And talking of videos and technology – make sure you do the basics – run a simple Mother’s Day message on POS screen terminals (reminding customers it’s May 8) and trial a few ‘special offers’.

Happy Mother’s Day

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